I have had this discussions too many times with people. I am of the belief that either use a high quality filter or use nothing.

Photofocus (old site)

A while back I wrote a post called The Problem With Using Filters On Your Camera Lenses.

There were several discussions on Google+ about the post with several people contacting me to assure me that they had been saved by a UV filter and that unrecoverable harm would have been done to their lens without the protection of a filter, etc., etc., etc. As I said in the original post, in decades of photography this hasn’t been a problem for me, but apparently there are a rash of front-element-seeking projectiles out there just randomly “destroying” people’s lenses. Or maybe many of them work at camera store counters and have an agenda!

In any event, I contacted nearly a dozen of these people – particularly the ones who emailed me – and not one could provide me with ANY evidence of the doom and gloom they had avoided by using…

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